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A new experience

Sometimes, trying something new, requires some courage. And not all of us are open to that. So, when My friend talked to me about trying something new sexually, I recommended him to hire some London escorts  and let his imagination go wild.
If you decided to hire a escort but feel confused and not sure what kind of ladies you might need and want, you’d ask for advice at an agency escort. The escorts agency in London will walk you through the steps you need to go in order to find the right girl, who does all the special services you need. Some people are crazy about toys  and they find their pleasure in playing with them on other partners. And you have all sort of toys, from vibrators to hand cuffs. Vibrators tend to be the most used. There are many types of vibrators.

For example, anal vibrators are sex toys meant for anus sexual stimulation with a vibrating effect. Their are having a flared base to prevent its possible loss in the rectum differ them from other anal toys. You may come across battery operated anal vibrators performed by a smaller size in comparison with vaginal penetration vibrators. Anal vibrators include such types as anal probes, butt plugs, anal beads and balls.

People tend to use this toys to achieve orgasm more through clitoral stimulation than through penetration. Many women would say that a G-Spot orgasm is the ultimate experience and get G-spot female vibrators.

Basically, you can have almost any wish fulfilled with the help of a escort agency. They make the appointment for you and make sure you get exactly what you want. You can have specifics from how the lady will be dressed to what toys to bring with her. Also, you can choose to have more than one women. You can book as many as you think you can handle. The ladies are booked per hour, so you decide for how many hours you want to have them keep you company.

You also have the option to choose where to meet her. You can ask her to meet you at the place you are, even if it;s a hotel or your own house. This is called outcall. Also is the option called in call. This means you have to go to her place. You can spend time there or you can go out with her. You decide what you want and the agency makes sure to arrange it for you.

To conclude, it is very easy to make your sexual fantasy come alive. Either you do it with toys or not. You need a little help and the courage to go for what you want. Don’t let other’s people opinion stop you to go for the things you like. Every person on this earth has a fantasy that can be fulfilled in a way or another. My advise is just go for it. We only live once, as people say, and why not make the most of it.

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The private life

Usually, when people are asked about their private lives they get nervous and tries to change the subject. Not me and my wife. We are different than normal people. We are swingers. Lots of you heard about it but don’t know the details. We are people who are always in search of new ideas, of new impressions, new emotions and so on. And this usually involves experiencing with other people. We even have a club of swingers where we used to meet.

Unfortunately, we had to move to London with our jobs. It was unfortunate for us because we lost our club and we were in search for one. Because, when you have this lifestyle, you need continuity. You can not just stop like that. So, a good idea for us swingers, when you are in a new city and you still need the new people in your life, just go and hire an escort. That’s what we thought would be a good decision for our sexual life. It is much simpler and easier. Especially if the lady is also into the ladies.

It’s a simpler and quick solution for anyone who need to keep their sexual life spicy. Also, if you like to make your lady happy as well, you can hire a male escort. With this escorts agency you have the option to chose a lady or man of your taste. There is huge variety from where you to choose. The only difference is that you have to pay for it, because it’s not a club.

Luckily, now, with the help of the internet, it is much easier to sustain this type of life, no matter where you are. Via internet you can easily find people who are just like you or to find new people to satisfy your private life. These days all escort agencies are online and easy to get in contact with.